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Listed below are the Chemical Engineering courses taught by Prof. Corinne Hoesli. A complete list of graduate-level courses can be found on the Department of Chemical Engineering website.

CHEE 370 tubes.jpg

CHEE 370

Elements of Biotechnology

An introductory course on cell biology, biochemistry and biotechnology for engineers.


Semesters taught: fall 2014-2018

CHEE 512 stem cells.jpg

CHEE 512

Stem Cell Bioprocess Engineering

Bioprocess development for the manufacturing of cellular therapy products with focus on stem cells.

Semester taught: winter 2019

CHEE 474 bioreactor.jpg

CHEE 474

Biochemical Engineering

Bioreactor selection, bioreactor design and development of a downstream processing strategy.

Semesters taught: fall 2018

CHEE 651 HFBR.jpg

CHEE 651

Advanced Biochemical Engineering

Advanced principles in bioreactor design and bioprocess development, including recent developments in the field.

Semesters taught: winter 2015-2018

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