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Congratulations on Recent SCBL Achievements!

Wow! Our research group has a lot to celebrate. In particular, a congratulations to all of our recent scholarship, fellowship, and conference award winners in our group is in order:

  • Hamid Ebrahimi Orimi was awarded Postdoctoral Fellowship (PDF) from NSERC. He also received fellowships from FRQNT and FRQS (declined with many thanks).

  • Hugo Level was awarded doctoral scholarships from FRQNT (accepted) and FRQS(declined with many thanks).

  • Laurier Gauvin was awarded an undergraduate researcher scholarship from CQMF. He also received scholarship offers from PROTEO and Diabète Québec (declined with many thanks).

  • Susie O’Brien accepted a C-GSM award form NSERC.

  • Tuna Gedikaccepted a NSERC USRA.

  • Saleth Sidharthan Dharmaraj recently was awarded a chemical engineering graduate fellowship scholarship!

  • Julia Manalil was recently awarded a PROTEO scholarship.

  • Brenden Mouen received ThéCell and CDMO conference awards to attend the IPITA meeting in San Diego!

We are grateful to have our work recognized and supported!


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