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Nia is going to Antarctica!

Stephanie (Nia) Fernandez, a PhD Candidate in the Hoesli Lab, is one of 100 womxn joining the Homeward Bound global leadership program this year! Homeward Bound’s mission is to build a collaborative network of 1000 womxn in STEMM over a period of 10 years. These womxn are leading projects addressing global sustainability challenges including gender inequity and climate change.

Nia was selected to join Team HB6, who will undertake a one-year program that ends with an expedition to Antarctica! Through this experience, Nia and Team HB6 will develop leadership skills and strategies for uplifting womxn in STEMM and building a more sustainable future across the world. We're eager to follow their journey!

To learn more about the Homeward Bound program and how you can support Nia’s adventure, visit their website:

Nia was also featured by the McGill Reporter! Read the article here:

Congratulations, Nia, from the whole SCBL team! Penguins await!

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