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Publication: Improving the 3D Printability of Sugar Glass to Engineer Sacrificial Vascular Templates

Congratulations to Brenden Moeun on publishing his first first-author paper! His superb infographic which synthesizes this research must also be applauded for its noble aim of making science education accessible to all!


These days we can use 3D printing to generate anything from prosthetics, lab-grown meat, car parts, and even houses! This is possible because of the many different materials that have been engineered for 3D printing. In our newest article, we use compositional changes to modify the 3D printability of sugar glass that we can use to vascularize artificial organs. We also layout a systematic methodology for characterizing unconventional 3D printing materials like sugar glass. You can find our open-access article through link below and we’ve also prepared an infographic explainer of our work for our non-specialist audience.

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