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Publication: Surface grafting of Fc-binding peptides as a simple platform to immobilize and identify

Omar's Master's thesis work was recently published in Biomaterials Science! He showed he could specifically capture endothelial colony forming cells (ECFC) from a population containing other peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) by using antibodies covalently conjugated to a surface in an optimal orientation. This work can be used in applications that require the specific recruitment of endothelial cells from blood such as with coronary stents used in cardiovascular disease. Read the full paper here!

Figure 1 Immobilization of mouse anti-human CD105 on conjugated or adsorbed RRGW spots on polystyrene substrates.

Figure 4 Selective ECFC capture using parallel-plate flow chambers for 1 h at a wall shear stress of 1.5 dyn cm−2over modified surfaces with anti-bodies immobilized on conjugated RRGW.

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